Hysterical Literature

I saw the Stoya one from this series years ago.

Tonight I rewatched it (it’s still brilliant and still my favorite) and discovered the rest of the series. They are all just GORGEOUS. Do yourselves a favor and watch them all (the only one that doesn’t resonate with me at all is the Margaret Cho one because she seems really uncomfortable during the experience and that makes me cringe).

I chose this particular video for posting here because I just like it, and also because I have a personal history with Still Life With Woodpecker that goes all the way back to me being in my late teens and beginning to discover who I am as a sexual person in relation to others and who I might want to become.

So, here’s to redheads (by genes and/or choice), old stories, finding language, the courage to try new things, and to female erotic awesomeness.

And here’s to my (comparatively recent) desire to perhaps at some point reenact the basic concept of this series. Without the camera. Because I would want this to be more like theater than like film. I want to pick a book, pick an outfit, sit down at a table and read until I can’t anymore, and I want to choose who gets to be there with me.


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