About this blog

This is a place for me to put some of my long-form writing about BDSM/kink/leather, sexuality and related matters.

It branched out from my (currently private) Twitter because I quickly realized that many things I want to talk about need more space than a series of tweets.

Writing will be irrregular, unpredictable, and mostly in English. It will probably most often take the shape of personal essays, cultural observations, and the occasional rant. I’m not sure about my reblogging plans, yet, but I’d love this to become a conversation rather than a monologue.

So please feel free to comment and/or ask questions (although I reserve the right not to answer for whatever reason)! I welcome public discussion but if you need/want to contact me privately, you can do so at kinkyparts at gmail dot com.

Please note that the amount of space on this blog I dedicate to a topic may not necessarily express its overall importance for me. I don’t always have the time or headspace to write even about hugely important issues – and sometimes I put way too much time into a temporary obsession…


About me

Queer femme. Early 40s. Happily perverted. Poly. Currently playing as a bottom only.

I consider myself part of the German/European women’s/lesbian/trans*/inter BDSM community.

I’m also strongly influenced by Northern American dyke/queer authors and their writings (both fiction and non-fiction) about BDSM/kink/leather, sexuality, and gender, especially Patrick Califia, Dossie Easton/Janet Hardy, Laura Antoniou, Kate Bornstein, Joan Nestle, Amber Hollibaugh, Andrea Zanin, and Corey Alexander.

It might be possible for you to conclude who I am. If you do, it would be awesome if you let me know privately. I would also like to ask you not to out me to anyone, including your friends/lovers/play partners, my friends/lovers/play partners, and/or fellow kinksters (because connecting my name and/or face and/or other online identities to this blog is my decision to make, not yours).

Please remember that I’m only putting parts of myself out here for the internet to see, so don’t assume that this blog is going to give you an accurate picture of who I am as a person or a BDSM player. That’s still what direct interaction (over a long-enough period of time) is for.